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See how to install Project 20and Project Pro for Office Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium. Click-to-Run is the technology used to install Microsoft subscription and most versions of Office and newer. Windows Installer technology (MSI) was.

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We have a company that uses Office subscription. They purchased Project on their own. When we attempt to install Project , it states that the Windows Installer based Office product cannot be installed with an Office Click-to-Run installer. I have uninstalled O and attempted to install Project first, but I get the same error message about the Office Click-to-Run.

I know it will work if I install Office , the last version with the msi installer. Is there another way to resolve this without installing ? Welcome to the community, the setup you have is supported as shown below You can use the Office Deployment Tool to install volume licensed editions of Visio and Project on the same computer with a Click-to-Run version of Office For example, you can install a volume licensed edition of Visio Standard on the same computer with Office ProPlus.

I’m not too sure how to run the deployment tool mentioned in the link. And I have gone through the documentation and instructions for the Office deployment tool to no avail. Probably the most confusing part is creating the XML file, but there’s a site that will do that for you:. I’m a little confused myself, I used the github link above to create the xml file but when I double click the setup.

This is not clear. Its confusing and we are not programmers. Don’t assume everyone can use command prompt. I have been trying to install Project and Visio along side my office professional plus c2r and just cannot get this to work.

I read all the confusing instructions by Microsoft, visited a site that automatically generates the configuration xml file code and even watched youtube and cant get this to work.

There are no instructions on how to locate the configuration file using the command prompt and whether the full office product is download from the internet or should be manually downloaded first.

A proper step by step is needed especially at the cmd prompt. Dnt refer me to download office deployment tool and follow Microsoft instructions. I did all of that.

Someone please take some time and give a walk through step by step explanation on how to do this. Using the command prompt does not mean you are or need to be a programmer. The link is very specific on what steps and commands to do, It doesn’t get better than that. It is a simple command and process. If I can clarify, because the instructions don’t say, create the xml file at the site of above, replace the existing xml file with it, run command prompt as administrator, navigate to the folder with exe and xml files using the cd command, and then use this command: setup.

Worked for me, after many hours of dealing with microsoft support engineers who didn’t know the solution to this very common challenge.

Thanks to all posters! Great Video that explains things simply. So yes. This is kind of a nightmare. You can create a shortcut and add the arguments at the end of the string to create an automated step for easy user self-install.

If you need to run the x64 version make sure you set the shortcut to run as admin in the advanced button. Otherwise it will launch the x86 version of the cmd prompt and give you a confusing error about running a 32bit program when 64bit is installed. But this guide is accurate and thanks to the regular people filled in the holes the experts forget, for the rest of us.

Very grateful. Cheers all. Kind Of? Understatement of the year ; I always have a hard time with stuff like this and I’m pretty good with computers. It seems they always leave something off because it’s natural to them. They think the instructions are clear but only because they’ve done this at least 5 times or they designed the whole thing.

I have never been able to get one to work He gives you step by step everything. Maybe that video that adrianhigueros posted will help.

I picture is worth words but a video leaves nothing to doubt. Well, I did it and I got the Project installed from the web. It is seemingly C2R, it opens etc.

Yet it is not activated. I have Office license working fine, but this does not include Project When I try to use the key for volume license, it is not accepted. I suppose that after some time I will get red bar and limited functionality, which I am not happy about. Now it is Office click to run.

I have no idea either. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. He conceived the ma I manage several M tenants all with Security Defaults enabled and in one specific tenant, for some reason, no users including Global Admins are able to create a Team directly in the Teams app using the “Join or create a team” option.

This option IS Do you take breaks or do you keep going until you complete the 6 steps of debugging? Today I overcame a, what I thought was a major problem, minor challenge. We just got don Good afternoon and welcome to today’s briefing. Hope you are starting to enjoy the warmer weather up in the north it has been pretty awesome. That said Security doesn’t sleep and so do we have to keep our systems and our knowledge up to date.

We have some Online Events. Log in Join. Spice 3 Reply Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Spice 1 flag Report. OP ryandyke. DragonsRule This person is a verified professional. The deployment tool is fairly simple. You need to use the setup with the configuration xml file in command line. Spice 2 flag Report. JuanBattini wrote: I’m a little confused myself, I used the github link above to create the xml file but when I double click the setup. Read the instructions in the first link.

You have to run it from a command prompt – it’s not something you double click. New contributor pimiento. Great Video that explains things simply Spice 1 flag Report. Cheers all flag Report. Regards Marcin flag Report. New contributor sonora.

This is for volume licenses only. Or at least that is how I read it. Read these next


Install Project standalone with ‘Click-to-run’ Office – Resolution


Microsoft says no to this. But it seems that there is still a trick that works microsoft project professional 2016 click to run free bot packages may be installed in parallel. Microsoft usually offers its Office suite as a click-to-run installation. A web installer then pulls all components of Office and sets them up on a target system.

Only works as long as Microsoft offers the download. However, there is also an Office Professional version for business environments, that can be installed via. The advantage: You have miicrosoft installation files for microsoft project professional 2016 click to run free Office package on a DVD or on your hard disk and can install in one go, without downloading.

This causes some administrators to run into problems in business environments. German blog reader Conny R. Our profrssional has a Dreamspark subscription which allows us to install Project and Visio on computers for non-commercial research and teaching purposes from MSDN. The problem is that we are unable to install both pieces of software in lab computers because MSI installer and Click to Run installer cannot frde on the same machine.

The scenario, some microsoftt pointed out to me. Within the above Technet thread, user thenicnic posted a workaround. I discovered a workaround while I was wondering how the C2R installer checks if there is Microsoft Office already installed on the PC. The assumption was that it just asks the “list of installed programms” in the registry it’s the one projedt can also see via control panel.

I can’t processional it here — but perhaps this is quite interesting for administrators in the academic environment of universities.

You could give feedback whether this works and is useful or not. That are normally also not working. Thank you so much! So where would you find this path microsoft project professional 2016 click to run free window 10 pro to accomplish the same thing? We are a Academic Institution same as above with the same setup. It is essential we have both running on the same PC for teaching.

Thank you very much! Tried this microsoft project professional 2016 click to run free allowed me to install Visio C2R on computer with Office Probut now Outlook will not open. Runs in safe mode, but not normally. I can’t attempt an Office repair as /33842.txt detects the C2R Visio and says the install versions are not compatible. /21148.txt opens fine as soon as I uninstall Visio. Succesfully installed Click-to-Run Visio to a machine which had pdoject of Office Standard and Skype for Business installed.

Everything went great for few days but suddenly Skype stopped working just crashed during launch. Only way to get Skype working was uninstalling C2R Visio. Have you found any solution to this problem? Same problem for me. Or only way is uninstall C2R product? I have the same problem. Here on my system I cant find Office Plz help.

Thank you!! In case someone has the same situation. I have installed Office Pro Plus and later microsoft project professional 2016 click to run free I tried to install SharePoint Serveri got into the same problem that this thread is talking about.

Thanks Guys. Hi I had the same problems as Chris, Frse installed but Outlook wouldn’t run until I uninstalled Project — Did anyone manage to resolve this? Thanks — Phil. Worked great for me.

This has worked for me also. It as saved me hours of frustration of trying to install Project Now I can concentrate on other matters! This is the only proven method I know to have Office installed with both Click-to-Run and Windows Installer on the same computer. In fact,I was able to install Office Professional without having to uninstall my current stand alone version of Outlook After your software is installed, you can remove the registry value by right clicking on “SystemComponent” and deleting it.

Worked great for us schoolhouse with Visio and Office We’re узнать больше. I get a message saying that 2106 must uninstall “empty” to install Access. Windows 10 x64 added /28338.txt value:. I have perpetual Project installed and барзо!

the book collector fort worth tx free моему able to tweak the instructions to install Office Educational license C2R. Thanks for the awesome instructions! And don’t forget to remove the DWord from your key after you’re finished the installation. This did the trick! Now to see if anything weird happens in production. Thank you! I was able to install Office with this. Now I have Skype for business and Office components working together!

Thanks a посмотреть больше for the solution, it works for me. Can нажмите для деталей successfully confirm if they are able to still receive updates on both applications or even install other Microsoft products down the line without having issues? I’m pretty sure the answer is no for all of progessional, but would like some confirmation as I have spent prjoect and weeks proffessional this issue over the past year and thought I was crazy and profrssional was pdofessional my system.

Can anyone help me? I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit system and office 32 bit click to run. I want to install project andhave tried your solution but i cannot find office registry path. Your email address will not microdoft published. Born’s Tech profdssional Windows World. Skip clivk content. Cookies helps to fund this blog: Cookie settings Advertising. This entry was posted in Office and tagged OfficeTip. Bookmark the permalink.

Elli says:. CrisG says:. Carl King says:. Don says:. Chris says:. Use this method at your own risk. Manuel Serrano says:. AC says:. You saved me too! Thanks P. Anon says:. Rafael says:. Sami Suominen says:. So be aware that this method adding registry key profeasional not be the permanent solution. Philippe says:. Hi Sami, Have you found any на этой странице to oroject problem?

Thanks a lot. M Um says:. Javier says:. SK says:. Microsoft project professional 2016 click to run free one says:. Kai says:. Dizy’s says:. Rachel says:. Thank you so much!!! I was able to install Access using this!


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